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Dao Yin (Daoist Yoga)

Dao Yin is a ancient method of practice from Da Xuan school in which work is done on the core and structural integration.


It is predominantly worked on the floor through integrating muscles, tendons, ligaments, fibers, and fascia as a means of strengthening your structure and correcting posture.


It's an exercise for improving posture, developing strength and strengthening your core. It  also assists with postural alignment, reduce stress, improve circulation and sleeping patterns.

It is somewhat like a Daoist version of Yoga and a mix of Pilates, and is one of the fastest methods in the school to develop the qualities of suppleness, postural alignment and relaxation of the mind.

Because it is equally important in Daoism to respect mind, body and
energy circulation, this practice will always respect your structure, alignment and capacities and help you recenter.

You will never find any contortion or unnatural posture. It is also the only method of the school that is performed on the ground to be able to release more easily the biggest emotional, physical and mental tensions.

Resulting in deep relaxation and a calm mind.

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