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自然門     Zi Ran Men

Throughout the Da Xuan tradition we find the 'Ziran', the natural.


We have the concept that within us all is a spark of the universe, a perfect unadulterated reflection of the Tao.

Through our practices we work to break down the barriers we build between this perfect spark, our true self and the world. By practicing we can free this perfection within us, allowing it to express naturally and spontaneously.

Zi Ran Men, the Natural Boxing, is the famous fighting art transmitted from the legendary Du Xin Wu. Famous for his work as a bodyguard to the first president of the Republic of China, Du Xin Wu transmitted his art to several notable students, most notably Wan Lai Shen.

The Zi Ran Men practices develop qualities and concepts for fighting in the place of structured forms or techniques, with the focus on power, spontineity and the capacity to act.

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