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Laetitia Seow Chevillard started training with Serge Augier over 20+ years in 2000 and started to teach Serge Augier's Daoist Tradition in 2005.


See biography for more on Laetitia.

She teaches regular online classes and face to face classes held in South Sydney in Cronulla, NSW.


These classes are group or can be one on one by appointment.


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She is a Daoist Healer, treating with Daoist medicine (the ancestor of Traditional Chinese Medicine) wellness techniques .


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Bio - Laetitia Seow Chevillard


- Commences intense traditional Da Xuan training with teacher Serge Augier

- Commences 6 year Ba Men Da Xuan Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) course with teacher Serge Augier


- Started Instructing Da Xuan in Paris, France

- Initiated, by her teacher, an intensive 2 year long retreat of daily training known in the Ba Men Da Xuan Tradition as "Gong fu" (Podcast to come!..)


- Completes and graduates from the Ba Men Da Xuan School ' Traditional Chinese Medicine '

-  Opens clinic in Paris, France practicing and treating patients with TCM, Tui Na, needling, aromatherapy and prescribed Da Xuan exercises

2007- 2014

- Continued personal development and daily practice in Traditional Daoist teachings of Da Xuan including Dao Yin (Daoist Yoga), Qigong, Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan and Ziranmen.

- Continuing study of Da Xuan Shamanism, Yi Jing, Ba Zi, Feng Shui and Daoist Medicine

- Commenced teaching Da Xuan seminars in Belgium

2014 - 2020

- Continued development of the Da Xuan School internationally

- Principal instructor of Da Xuan School Melbourne, Australia

- Developed Da Xuan Seasonal Seminars in Australia

- Developed Da Xuan events and courses online

- Commenced Da Xuan online teaching world wide

2021 -

- Expanded and set-up base in Sydney

- Continues personal development and daily practice in Traditional Daoist teachings of Da Xuan with her teacher and the Da Xuan community

- Continues to teach with her students in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Canada, US, France and Belgium

more to come ...

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