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形意拳     Xing Yi Quan

The Xing Yi Quan from our tradition comes from the lineage of Li Cun Yi (1847 - 1921) and it's name roughly means "Form Intent Boxing".

It's one of the three most popular internal martial arts style of China the others are Taiji Quan and Ba Gua Zhang.

Li Cun Yi was a disciple of liu Gi Lan and also studied Ba Gua Zhang with Dong Hai Chuan.

He mastered both these arts, but is well known for his Xing Yi Quan.

Li's school is characterised by being very fluid and relaxed with very clear motions with no empty or flowery forms or movements.


His approach is very precise, developing power and a very strong body.

First through static positions and Nei Gong, followed by Forms of the 5 Fists (wu xing), then later the 12 animals and the many other exercises and forms from the tradition.


We start by working on a more formal structure and we progress to a more relaxed and natural way to move and express the force.


LiCun Yi said: " Xing Yi Quan develops the power (solo training) and the exchange expresses the power (partner training)."

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