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八卦掌     Ba Gua Zhang

Zhang style Ba Gua Zhang is the  evolution of a master of Xing Yi Quan to a master of Ba Gua Zhang. 


Zhang Zhao Dong was already an expert in Hebei Xing Yi and it is said that he combined the fa-jin of Xing Yi and Ba Gua. But he actually adapted the Xing Yi fa-jin to the Ba Gua movements.

What made Master Zhang so great was this ability to blend these skillfully with a practical aspect.

In his Tianjin school, the master's teaching had two complementary aspects: The "strength exercises"  (Li Gong) and coordination.

The "strength exercises" were composed of two sets of practices for physical strength, linking the body and conditioning and coordination.

Nei Gong, to develop energy circulation, Li Gong for strength and to ling the whole body and the hand and fa-jin to amplify striking impact.

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